Wondering how inefficient clicking can be?

On my iMac running macOS 13 Ventura, I have measured the time it takes to perform 10 routines tasks most solopreneurs do multiple times weekly, if not daily.

Performing these tasks using a mouse or trackpad makes you between 2 to 4 times less efficient than by leveraging keyboard shortcuts (See graph below).

It's only a few seconds, who cares?

You might think that saving 2 seconds here and 4 seconds there, doesn't achieve much.

Well, repeat that thousands of times over the course of a single month and you'll easily save hours upon hours of your precious solopreneur time.

And best of all, it's one of the easiest Mac skills any solopreneur can pick up, even if you feel tech-challenged.

This webinar is for you if

✓ You are a solopreneur running your business on a Mac

✓ You'd like to save time by being more efficient operating your Mac

✓ Apart from Cut/Copy/Paste, you barely use keyboard shortcuts on your Mac

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to

Master the most common Mac keyboard shortcuts

Discover all the available keyboard shortcuts

Define your own keyboard shortcuts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will the webinar take place?

A: It will take place via Zoom

Q: When will the webinar take place?

A: It will take place on Thursday June 27th, 2024

  • 07:00 AM Pacific Time
  • 10:00 AM Eastern Time
  • 03:00 PM London
  • 04:00 PM Luxembourg
  • 07:30 PM India Standard Time

Q: How long will the webinar last?

A: The webinar will take about 60 minutes, most of it dedicated to pure teaching, no sales pitch.

Q: Will I be able to ask questions?

A: Yes, you can ask any question related to the material being taught during the webinar.

Q: Is this webinar really pitch-free?

A: Yes! I strongly believe in the law of reciprocity. By helping you being more efficient with the easy stuff, I'm convinced that someday you'll consider hiring me for the more complex stuff.

Q: I can't make it live, will you offer a replay?

A: Yes, you can purchase access to the replay by choosing one of the pricing plans below.

Q: When will the replay video become available?

A: The replay video will become on Friday June 28, 2024.

Q: Why do you charge money to have access to the replay video?

A: To motivate people who don't want to pay to show up live and those that absolutely can't make it live to watch the replay and benefit from the value that is provided. As one of my business mentors says: "When people pay, they pay attention."

Q: Does your school support Teachable Accounts?

A: Yes, the Macpreneur Mastery Hub supports Teachable Accounts. The best is to be signed into your Teachable account before enrolling to the webinar. In case you weren't, you'll receive an email asking if you'd like to allow it to sign into the Macpreneur Mastery Hub.

Q: I've never used Teachable, how does this work?

A: Right after enrolment, you'll be prompted to create an account using the email address that you provided. You'll define your own password, then will get an email from Teachable asking you to confirm your email address.

Whenever you want to access the webinar portal, just visit https://macpreneur.teachable.com then click on the 'Login' button in the top right of the navigation bar. You'll then need to click on the webinar portal thumbnail.

Q: Why did you choose Teachable for this?

A: Because I wanted a stress-free way to sell access to the replay videos without worrying about the tax stuff. I also chose Teachable because it integrates natively with ConvertKit. On top of that, it helps me provide a home for interactions before the webinar and for bonuses.

Hi, I'm Damien!

I believe in the power of simplicity, the strength of well-informed decisions, and the joy of a streamlined digital existence.

My approach is built on empathy, patience, and a dash of humor to make our journey together both enjoyable and fruitful.

Whether you're looking to declutter your digital space, refine your tech strategy, or secure your online business, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Let's simplify your tech world, amplify your business efficiency, and celebrate your continued success - together.

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